Tree of Life sculpture

This is a sampling of the trees that I've made.

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10treeA 10treeB 11treeA 11treeB 12treeA
10treeA.jpg 10treeB.jpg 11treeA.jpg 11treeB.jpg 12treeA.jpg
17treeB 18treeA 18treeB 19treeA 19treeB
17treeB.jpg 18treeA.jpg 18treeB.jpg 19treeA.jpg 19treeB.jpg
1treeA 1treeB 20treeA 20treeB 2treeA
1treeA.jpg 1treeB.jpg 20treeA.jpg 20treeB.jpg 2treeA.jpg

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